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Customized financial solutions

The perfect combination of your aspirations our expertise

Aichi International Asset Management is the perfect partner to help you integrate and optimize your financial security. We have extensive international experience in assisting high net worth individuals with their financial needs and continue to enjoy the close knit relationships that we build with each and every client under our care.

The firm provides a one-to-one, customized and flexible wealth management service that is designed to provide solutions to your financial aspirations, total convenience and assurance. Our service provides you with the freedom to dedicate your time to the valuable things in life, such as family and career.

How we work with you

At Aichi International Asset Management, we are dedicated to a simple yet highly effective ideology, which is to assist clients with the creation, application and implementation of a targeted investment strategy that is specifically designed to achieve the financial aspirations of each individual.

Personal Wealth Advisor

The cornerstone of this targeted approach is through your personal wealth advisor, who takes the responsibility to ensure that your financial wellbeing is where you want it to be, not only for today, but also for tomorrow and into the future. Your personal wealth advisor will manage all aspects of your account, covering your investment intentions, the design of your portfolio, the allocation of assets, administrative duties and of course, at your convenience, provide reporting and review giving informative insights into performance and possible recommendations for change.

Defining your goals

Evaluating your investment goals marks the beginning of our process. Your wealth advisor will help you to chart some definitive, yet realistic goals to be achieved during a specified maturity period. These goals will be circumstantial based on you as an individual and will typically assess the following parameters;

  • Financial situation
  • Family situation
  • Mid-term and long-term aspirations
  • Attitude towards investment risk

Structuring your plan

Taking your defined investment goals, your wealth advisor will then begin to structure a detailed plan that will recommend a selection of paths that will eventually lead to your finishing goals. At this stage, we continue to provide information on each potential path, which may differ based on the following attributes;

  • Level of investment
  • Frequency of investment
  • Distance to maturity
  • Value upon maturity
  • Attitude towards investment risk

Implementing your plan

With a structure in place your wealth advisor will work on your behalf to implement the plan to accommodate your goals and preferences. The plan will run parallel with your attitude to risk by managing volatility using a defined mixture of non-correlating asset classes.

Each investment class that we hold for our clients has passed absolute diligent testing by both our internal investment specialists and by randomly selected external partners.

Reporting and communication

As custodians of your wealth, we understand the importance of keeping you fully informed of the activities surrounding your portfolio. All clients have direct and unrestricted access to their personal wealth advisor, who will be responsible for arranging communication mediums based entirely on your convenience.

As a valued client we want to be here for you and your needs. We encourage clients to open their thoughts and to feel comfortable when discussing questions or concerns.

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