Retirement Planning

Are you fully prepared for your retirement years?

Early stage planning pays off in the future

Irrespective of your current financial positions, today is the best time to begin planning for the future. Each individual has a particular vision for the future. Achieving that vision often requires years of careful planning, substantial dedication and a commitment to ensure that the retirement years are at least as comfortable as the previous ones.

As a client of Aichi International Asset Management, your future comfort will be the main focus as we develop an investment strategy that will guide you towards your vision for the future.

The retirement planning paradigm shift

The approach to retirement planning has seen a paradigm shift during the last decade, as investors have been subject to unexpected rises in tax obligations, coinciding with financial management incompetence, had led to the average pension pot being light on what was expected.

As a result sophisticated investors have chosen a different path towards their retirement years by engaging with companies like Aichi International Asset Management, who have been able to provide a more targeted and client specific retirement plan, instead of being positioned into one large melting pot where the fund tends to benefit the investment manager instead of the actual client.

Creating the future you want

As such, Aichi International Asset Management will study individual circumstances, preferences and desires to construct a retirement plan grouped into stages of development. Each stage of development will address opportunities and threats over three main cycles: the present, the mid-term and the long-term.

By focusing on individual cycles, our investment planning specialists are able to optimize the overall plan by making adjustments as and when circumstance or market movement dictates.

Retirement plan structure

Your Aichi International Asset Management wealth advisor will help you to determine the value of your assets in terms of your projected retirement years. Your wealth advisor will structure your assets so that a standard of living in the future will parallel the one you are leading today.

Your wealth advisor will project and allow for various conditions including the following;

  • Current financial position
  • Projected savings
  • Realistic returns on assets
  • Accountability for inflation
  • Other sources of income
  • Current and future obligations
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