Tailored Portfolio Management

We tailor your investments to suit your circumstances

Moving forward today, tomorrow and into the future

Knowing which way to turn when looking at investing ones hard earned capital has become an extremely confusing subject for even the most highly sophisticated of investors. A combination of extreme market volatility and general skepticism towards the global financial controllers has left many wondering what lies ahead as we continue to experience the effects of the most recent economic collapse.

At Aichi International Asset Management, our investment professionals understand that the majority of investors do not have the time or confidence to construct and manage their own portfolio of investments.

As investment vehicles become more complex, investors are often blinded by what appears to be foreign terminology, especially when regulation and tax complications are added to the intricate mix.

As a solution to this, Aichi International Asset Management provides a bespoke portfolio service to meet the needs of high net worth individual's and their families.

Prioritizing your needs

When it comes to managing the financial affairs of our clients, we feel it is paramount for us to fully understand the client not only as a person, but to also understand the unique and specific set of circumstances that make up those financial affairs.

As custodians of your wealth, Aichi International Asset Management's initial assignment is to ascertain the priorities of our clientele. This includes a comprehensive review of an individual's goals for the future, their intentions to reach those goals and most importantly what they are prepared to do to reach them. This professionally constructed analysis will serve as the basis for Aichi International Asset Management to develop your personalized wealth management strategy.

Access to a personal portfolio management team

Our clients have unrestricted and direct access to their personal portfolio manager and their accompanying team of support and administrative specialists. As a client, it is the duty of the portfolio management team to translate your personal priorities into structured financial objectives to enable them to establish a clear investment strategy that promote the realization of specific investment goals.

Client specific portfolio design

The Aichi International Asset Management portfolio management teams are comprised of financial management professionals with a diverse spread of financial and investment management expertise. Each team possesses an in-depth understanding of the major investment markets, and in particular what types of investment opportunities are available within the markets. We view this feature of our commitment to our clients as an advantage when striving for consistent returns in line with the identity of clientele preferences.

Benefits at a glance

  • A professionally constructed portfolio of assets based on individual preferences and financial goals. Portfolios are adequately diversified to reflect your investment profile.
  • A personal wealth advisor will act as a single point of contact. Your wealth advisor who will be responsible for providing customized advice on your portfolio strategy.
  • Administrative duties are considered part of the service, relieving you from time consuming and increasingly complex regulatory filings.
  • Periodic performance appraisals performed at your convenience, in whichever manner best suits i.e. hard-copy, physical reporting or verbal commentary or both.
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