Philosophy and Approach

We excel in the discipline of financial planning
and capital management

The stock market roller coaster

Traditional consensus and indeed historical statistics dictate that equities are the investors' long-term best friend. At Aichi International Asset Management we take a slightly different view of this.

Although we do not disagree that equity provides opportunity for growth, simply relying on appreciation, regardless of diversification in the current climate is likely to cause a number of sleepless nights.

Instead Aichi International Asset Management combines a broad asset selection policy with cash flow attributes to provide a more stable environment for a portfolio of assets, whilst increasing wealth and long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Assets containing cash flow attributes

Our Cash Flow Investment philosophy is not solely dependent on appreciation. The focus is on the level of income one can derive from holding the assets. In this case we do not focus on the fluctuation price of an asset, instead we focus on the generation of cash, which increases stability and mitigates risk.

Positioning clients into a mixture high yielding equities, corporate and government bonds provides a guaranteed flow of cash through the portfolio.

Broad Asset selection policy

Modern portfolio theory dictates an asset allocation model comprised of 60% equity and 40% bonds.

The theory of diversification suggests that investors should own a variety of non-correlating equity assets and a variety of bond options.

At Aichi International Asset Management we often find that investors limiting their scope in this way are not as diversified as they should be.

In-house portfolio management

Aichi International Asset Management is independent of a larger power. The firm is not tied to a specific investment segment, and is not restricted to any one geographical domain. This freedom provides our scope of investment a series of advantages compared to traditional financial advisors and broker-dealers.

  • We have direct control of assets on behalf of our clients
  • Assets remain liquid in line with our approach
  • We are able to consider opportunities in emerging markets
  • We can adjust asset allocation with speed and at low cost
  • Reporting at the clients convenience
  • Clients have direct access to their personal investment advisor
  • Central administration systems

Our Professionals

Personalized services, extensive financial knowledge and global investment experience are the distinctive features of dedication that our professionals convey on a day to day basis.

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