Alternative Investments

Weatherproof your portfolio with alternative investments

What are 'Alternative Investments'?

When introducing our clients to Alternative Investment strategies we often encounter confusion as to what criteria an investment must follow to become 'Alternative'. Simply put, Alternative Investments are those that do not fall into the category of more traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds, currencies and mutual funds.

At Aichi International Asset Management we categorize Alternative Investments that demonstrated the following attributes;

  • Securities that have the freedom to invest long or short
  • Are not restricted to specific investment styles or strategies
  • Present positive opportunities during up and down markets

Strong performance through all climates

In light of recent events, Aichi International Asset Management has evolved to believe that investment portfolios should maintain flexibility, with the selection of assets being diligently focused on the ability to perform through a variety of market conditions.

With this respect, Aichi International Asset Management has incorporated alternative investment strategy into the design of portfolios under management. Providing exposure to alternative investments has enabled our wealth advisors to react, defend and seize upon opportunity that occurs as a result of the fluctuating economy.

Benefits at a glance

  • Results are non-correlating with stock market performance.
  • Highly liquid assets maintaining flexible attributes.
  • Risk is reduced through diversification.
  • Historically performed well during major financial crisis e.g. Asian crisis of 1998, 9/11 tragedy, present conditions.
  • Provide absolute returns during bullish periods and at times of low inflation.
  • Tax benefits can be exploited, particularly with private equity investments.
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