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Globally positioned, expertly managed financial solutions

Boutique investment services

Aichi International Asset Management was established on the concept that investors should have direct access to a range of globally positioned and professionally managed investment products, which are isolated specifically for the precise investment requirements and behavior of each and every individual investor.

Previously such a service was reserved for large institutional clients; however the boutique business model at Aichi International Asset Management brings the advantage directly to individual investors looking to advance their financial wealth above and beyond the opportunities available on a local and commercial level.

We provide partnership advice and solutions, not 'sales'

Unlike traditional financial planners or wealth managers, Aichi International Asset Management combine asset management with partnership advice, which results in a service that is free from 'commission' generated on 'sales'. Instead Aichi International Asset Management adopts a fee-based strategy that is entirely tangible and dictated purely on the results of each individual investment portfolio. This approach eliminates any bias towards a particular product and ensures that the clients' best interests are perfectly aligned with those of the firm.

Tackling the global economy

The global financial crisis has had a massive impact on the way individuals, and for that matter, financial professionals approach investment decisions. Developed safe havens specifically the financial centers of the western world are under intense scrutiny due to the continuing effects caused by events in 2008. To this day policy makers and central bank chiefs are still unable to stop the decline, and perhaps more worryingly, they are unable to indicate when the decline will bottom out.

Innovation and Integration

To combat such negativity, Aichi International Asset Management has evolved its investment strategy towards a more cautious approach to western world investment opportunities. The firm now dedicates vast resources into alternative forms of investment, specifically in the global emerging market place, where opportunities are more lucrative and securities are more liquid.

We are confident that while the events of 2008 continue to plague investors who were tied to the economy, the clients at Aichi International Asset Management continue to benefit from our innovative approach to protecting and generating their financial wellbeing.

Mission & Values

We are firm believers that the firm's reputation is built on the satisfaction of our clients. Aichi international Asset Management do not lose sight of this belief and deliver a consistent, world-class service for all clients.

Philosophy & Approach

The face of investment management has been forced to change in recent times. Aichi International Asset Management refuses to rest on its previous success by evolving ahead of the times to gain a further advantage in the field.

Our Professionals

Personalized services, extensive financial knowledge and global investment experience are the distinctive features of dedication that our professionals convey on a day to day basis.

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